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Hotel Regent
Seidlstraße 2  Munich  80335  Germany
24h Reservation service
+34 932087109

Information Hotel Regent

The most classic of all the classics in the heart of Munich. Refurbished, renovated and remodelled, but we just cannot help it: we are still classic

We are a classic. Because everyone knows us. Because our guests keep coming back. And above all, because we like everything classical, elegant, distinguished.

Plus, we are strategically located in the heart of Munich, very close to the central train station in Karlsplatz and the fair grounds for Oktoberfest.

Classical meeting rooms. Classical decor. Classical service. Yet at the same time, modern, renovated facilities. The hotel was recently refurbished in order to offer our guests the top comfort and quality. The free Wi-Fi service extends to all the rooms and the communal areas in the hotel.

We have a large car park, a full-service bar with all kinds of cocktails and beers, and an outstanding breakfast featuring a wide range of products.

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