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EUROSTARS ROMA AETERNA 4 * Via Casilina,125 / Piazza del Pigneto 9a, Rome

Who said that Rome is classical? Old? Ancient? At Eurostars we like to break moulds and for this...

EUROSTARS SAINT JOHN 4 * Via Matteo Boiardo, 30, Rome

Comfort and 21st century technology so you can enjoy the great city of antiquity. The latest in...

EXE HOTEL DELLA TORRE ARGENTINA 3 * Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 102, Rome

A classical place for people with class. That is the Hotel della Torre Argentina. Nothing too loud....

EXE INTERNATIONAL PALACE 4 * Via Nazionale, 46, Rome

El Exe International Palace has the spirit and hallmark of Italian unity. The character and...

HOTEL EXE DOMUS AUREA 3 * Via Volturno 34, Rome

Would you like to hear a story about the Romans? According to Pliny the Elder, Nero was...